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All About Inheritance Laws, Succession and Wills.


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Mwenda Njagi & Co. Advocates & Mediators is a Kenyan Law Firm offering highly personalized legal attention with commitment, efficiency and discretion. Our well-suited team is passionate about offering you efficient and effective multidisciplinary legal services that are focused on your requirements. Our association with you as a client will give impetus to our vision of creating new momentum in transforming the legal profession. We look forward to being of service to you.

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Being a recognized dynamic hub of legal excellence in all fields of law, our value mission is to render cost-effective and superior legal services to you with a flexible approach to fee arrangements and allocation of resources to client matters, as we believe that not all courses are suitable for all horses. Mwenda Njagi & Co. Advocates & Mediators is Arbitration accredited and tax compliant and practices on a strict no conflict of interest basis.

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Mwenda Njagi & Co. Advocates & Mediators prides itself on transparency and accountability. There are no sharp practices, no hidden costs and no nasty surprises in the form of unexpected invoices for amounts you haven’t agreed to. We operate with utmost discretion, integrity and confidentiality to all our clients.

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We solve Complex legal issues

At Mwenda Njagi & Co. Advocates & Mediators, we are constantly adapting our law firm, by practicing the law with exceptional standard ensuring that we stay on top of the ever changing adaptations to our Kenyan legal system enabling us provide tailor made solutions to any complex legal issues with much ease and efficiency. We believe that the Constitution, and your rights, are synonymous with every legal matter, and accordingly strive to protect your interests, no matter how small.

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Attorneys at our Law Firm prioritize on a passionate service and render qualitative client-centric approach that puts people before paperwork and supports our clients with uncompromising dignity in all matters. Our dedicated team of qualified Attorneys will respond to an initial query within 24 hours. Existing clients can expect an even swifter response. In the case of an urgent matter regarding any legal issue, you will receive unfettered priority treatment.


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