Offering Trusted Law Services to You

Mission Statement:

To be the global pace setters in the provision of quality and timely legal services.

Vision Statement:

To offer client satisfaction in provision of legal services.


Our Rates are based on The Advocates Remuneration (Amendment) Order 2014. We are flexible on the mode of payment.

Our Values

We are a firm that is guided by a promise. A promise to ourselves and to our clients that we will not only deliver the services they need but go an extra mile to meet their unspoken needs to.

This promise is centered on our promise to each other as friends and peers to be unwavering in our unwavering commitment to excellence.

At Mwenda Njagi & Co. Advocates we focus on:

∙ Giving our clients the very best in legal advice and representation.

∙ Nurturing an environment where our team knows we all matter and that

working together is the only way to win.

∙ Building a firm that shares its expertise with others.

∙ Maintaining a perspective that to be relevant to our clients we must marry

the best in legal practice and the best in technological innovation.

∙ Being true to ourselves and always working with a passion for the law and for success.

As far as our modus operandi goes it is pretty simple we know our clients are the reason for our success and we work with each client throughout an engagement to ensure that our staffing, strategy, and procedures are aimed to yield the result the client wants, at a reasonable cost and on a timely basis. When you work with us you get quality, integrity, commitment, diligence and service.



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